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Areas of Interest

Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals

Pharmaceuticals, critical to health services, represent a major and increasing expenditure for both governments and individuals.

Main Issues

The 2015 global pharmaceutical market is estimated to be close to US$1 trillion dollars, driven by increased life spans and rising per capita incomes. Fueled by patent expiration of key products, the growth of the generic medicines market offers opportunities for governments to better control costs and promotes cost-effective treatments. However, reliable access to essential medicines, products that satisfy priority health needs, is still not a reality to underserved segments of the population in developing countries.


The challenge to governments committed to improve the availability of essential medicines is to formulate and implement comprehensive medicines policies. Such policies would include updated legislation, a functional medicines regulatory agency to control the marketing of safe and effective products, the management and resources for the public health sector supply system (selection, procurement, distribution and use), the promotion, where appropriate, of local pharmaceutical production and the availability of objective information. Transparency in the development and execution of these components is critical to ensure that commercial interests do not adversely influence the government’s objective of ensuring the availability and rational use of safe and effective medicines.

Health Care Technology and Medical Innovation



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