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Areas of Interest

Information Systems and Knowledge Management

Advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) and the dissemination of networked data processing have forged a new environment of universal access to information and the globalization of communications, businesses, and services. Typically, solutions have aimed at the improvement of productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency, both internally and in the relationships with clients, customers, suppliers, and partners.

Main Issues

Healthcare is a complex enterprise, highly dependent on information for a great variety of clinical and managerial decisions. To be useful, information systems must capture and process health and health-related data of broad diversity, scope, and level of detail. ICT applications seek to achieve reliable transaction delivery in a fast-changing environment involving people, processes, and a health services infrastructure focused on the ill or healthy citizen.


Health ICT evolved from the experience with business and industrial solutions which were adapted to the processing of health-related administrative transactions and logistical support of clinical tasks; the operation and administration of resources; and the logistical management of health sector functions; storage and retrieval of structured patient information; health education and promotion; epidemiological surveillance and health status monitoring; clinical decision assistance; image and signal analysis; modeling; and remote consultation and intervention.

Emerging applications are oriented to professional networking; integration of clinical care process management; the provision of Web-based health information and healthcare, including remote monitoring and patient care; education and training; the management of knowledge and evidence-based decision-making; and the utilization of Internet-based networked technologies to redesign how public health services operate.



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