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 Global Health International Advisors

Products and Services

The main strengths and operational advantages of GHIA lie in its ability to work through and with its country partners; the cumulative experience and knowledge of GHIA members and network of experts; and the commitment and collaboration of GHIA’s national and local chapters. GHIA provides advisory services, training and development of human resources, and organization of international scientific conferences.

Advisory Services

- Planning, organization, execution, and evaluation of public health, health services, and community health projects and programs including diagnosis and strategies for problem solving in:

Training and Development of Human Resources

GHIA provides training through on-site, e-fora, and distance-learning methods. GHIA courses, workshops, and seminars are tailored to meet the needs of national and international audiences.


- Leadership, Advocacy, and Management

- Global Health, Politics, and Health Diplomacy

- Resource Mobilization, Inter-sectoral Cooperation, and Partnership Building


- Priority Setting and Decision-making

- Project Planning, Management, and Evaluation

- Team Work and Conflict Resolution

- Global Security and Security in International Settings


- The Biological, Environmental, and Social Determinants of Health: A Community Perspective

- Universal Coverage: Social Protection for the XXI Century

- Innovation in Health

- Health Care Technology

- Information and Communication Systems

- Ethics in Public Policy

- Injury Prevention, Drugs, and Violence

- Prospects in Health and Socioeconomic Development: Issues and Solutions

- Gender, Diversity and Equity

Information Dissemination

- Information dissemination about public health, health services, and community health through social media and electronic publication

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