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Activities/Press Releases

On December 2, 2014 a lunch meeting was held in Washington D.C. with Dr. Carissa Etienne, Director; Mrs. Isabelle Daniele, Deputy Director; Dr. Francisco Becerra, Assistant Director; and Mr. Gerald Anderson, Director of Administration. The following GHIA members attended the event: Juan Manuel Sotelo, President; Habib Latiri, Vice-president; Fernando Zacarías, Director of Operations; Roberto Rodrigues, Secretary; Antonio Hernández, Lucía Ruggiero, Michael Boorstein, Daniel Epstein, Barbara Krimgold, Richard Van West Charles; and Josefa Ippolito-Shepherd.

Dr. Sotelo welcomed and thanked the PAHO Director and the EXM for accepting GHIA’s invitation. He expressed GHIA’s gratitude for PAHO’s generosity in providing office space and support to GHIA’s scientific conferences, both in Washington, DC. and in country offices. Dr. Sotelo thanked that many GHIA members are being hired by PAHO for specific tasks. He expressed that it would be also desirable to assist with GHIA as a whole and provided a short summary of GHIA’s activities eventually related to PAHO work program for 2015.

Dr. Zacarías made a presentation on the “Community Health Navigator” (CHN), a concept developed by GHIA, as “a specifically trained problem-solver, catalyst and agent of change who gives advice and orientation to the community and its leaders to help them identify their health needs and resources; and access, navigate, and benefit from the best possible health and social development opportunities”.

Dr. Latiri presented an initiative supported by GHIA and presently under development in Tunisia, to use existing health facilities as a House of Health (Maison de Santé), providing health services including dentistry, ophthalmology, community outreach and others, and serving as a training facility for medical students and health personnel.

Both PAHO and GHIA will continue to explore areas of common interest for collaboration.


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