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The webinar, held on March 23 at PAHO Main Building, Room B, was organized by Global Health International Advisors (GHIA) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO). The objective of the webinar was to promote discussion and engagement on the issues of gender equality and universal access to health and universal health coverage.

Dr. Francisco Becerra, Assistant Director of PAHO, moderated the webinar. Dr. Isabella Danel, Deputy Director, PAHO, provided opening remarks followed by three presentations by Dr. Anna Coates, Unit Chief, Gender and Cultural Diversity, PAHO, Dr. Jasmine Gideon, Senior Lecturer, Development Studies, University of London, and Dr. Fernando Llorca Castro, Minister of Health of Costa Rica, a.i. Comments were provided by Dr. James Fitzgerald, Department Director, Health Systems and Services, PAHO and Dr. Sameera M. Al Tuwaijri, Lead Health Specialist, The World Bank Group. The audience and remote participants contributed with comments and questions. Dr. Juan Manuel Sotelo, President of GHIA presented the final remarks.





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