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Activities/Press Releases

Since 2011, Global Health International advisors (GHIA) visited Tunisia three times to contribute in the development and improvement of its health systems and related activities. The first visit took place during the month of October 2013 where several programs were organized and carried out jointly with hospital Sahloul in Hammam Sousse and the Regional Office of Health. This visit was an opportunit to introduce GHIA and promote the establishment of a country chapter.

The second visit took place during the month of August 2014. Jointly wth the faculty of Medicine of Sousse, GHIA organized various Public HealthConferences. In addition, this visit included an official visit to the Governorat of Kairouan where GHIA was introduced to the local authorities, visited a Health Center and had a meeting in the Regional Office of Health (Direction Regionale). The mission report is here.

To prepare the program of a third visit, Dr.Latiri, Vice President of GHIA visited Tunisia during the period of May /June 2015. His report is here.

Among projects under consideration in Tunisia, to receive technical support from GHIA are: Community Heath Navigator, Maison de Santé, and Mentoring. In September 2014, a proposal for the Maison de Santé Project was prepared by a local team assisted by Dr. Latiri -- the project document is here.


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