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On June 14, 2016, Global Health International Advisors (GHIA) President , Dr. Juan Manuel Sotelo and Dr. Jose Romero  Teruel, GHIA’s Executive Management member, visited the Facultade de Saúde Pública, Universidad de São Paulo (University of São Paulo School of Public Health) where they participated in an special academic session attended by faculty and Global and International Health Program post graduate students with presentations made by Drs. Sotelo and Teruel. Following the presentations students and faculty engaged in a productive discussion.

Before the academic session, Drs Sotelo and Teruel met with Prof. Vicente Wünsch, Director of the School, and Prof. Helena Ribeiro, Professor and former Dean, to discuss possible formal association between the University of São Paulo, the Georgetown University, and GHIA to implement an exchange program for faculty and students and organize joint activities telated to international health. 

The link to a downloadable PDF file of Dr. Sotelo's presentation ( "Current Issues on Global Health") is HERE


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