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The joint IV GHIA Conference and PAHO Seminar # 3 on "Universal Health Coverage" took place on March 3rd, 2014. PAHO's Assistant Director, Dr. Francisco Becerra was the Moderator of the session. The panelists were: Dr. William McGreevey, Professor at the Georgetown University; Dr. Jorge Jimenez de la Jara, Former Minister of Health of Chile and Professor at the Catholic University of Chile; Dr. Jordi Garces, Chair Principe de Asturias, Georgetown University and Professor, University of Valencia, Spain; and Dr. Jose Romero Teruel, Professor at the Georgetown University and GHIA's Senior Advisor. This was a joint activity organized by the Embassy of Spain to the Organization of American States, PAHO and GHIA. We had very active participation of 115 professionals in this conference, the majority linked via internet in what was a snow day in Washington, DC.





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