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 Global Health International Advisors

About Us/Our Mission

GHIA is guided by the basic values of excellence, respect, ethics, and solidarity. GHIA’s mission is “to strive for better health and wellbeing for all peoples through advocacy, health promotion, technical advice, and support of sound and progressive policies and programs”.

To fulfill its mission, GHIA acts through its members, and through a multidisciplinary network of experts and GHIA chapters in the countries in which it operates. GHIA collaborates with any group, person, agency, or institution within or outside the public sector, which shares its values and mission. GHIA is not affiliated with any political or financial interest and fully respects the laws and regulations governing its collaboration with local partners.

The purpose of GHIA is to assist governments, agencies, and other institutions in the development and strengthening of local and national projects that successfully address the most pressing health and social challenges facing a community.

The GHIA team of advisors are senior health and socioeconomic development professionals with long practice at national and international level and include technical cooperation experts, scientists, public health and health policy advisors, managers and other experts with extensive experience in national, international, and multilateral institutions.

Specific GHIA objectives include:

- Providing advisory services to its partners and collaborators in the design, organization, implementation, and evaluation of projects, programs, and plans geared to improving public health and socioeconomic development.

- Identifying and bringing on board qualified professionals to assist GHIA in its work in participating countries.

- Advocating locally and internationally for a stronger focus on peoples health and wellbeing.

- Mobilizing human and financial resources through grants, donations, contracts and other mechanisms in order to complement local and national capacity.

- Gathering, reviewing, analyzing and disseminating evidence-based information from the scientific literature, project analyses, and results of health and social development program evaluations.



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